Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tips on Winter Bird Feeding

Winter is a crucial time for the birds that remain in our area. They spend their time facing the elements of bitter cold and snowstorms. There are no insects to eat and the natural seeds are covered with snow; the berries and crab apples are gone. Birds need enough food to maintain their body temperatures and must search for food from sun up to dusk. Fortunately, for the birds, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 41 million Americans spend $2 billion annually on bird feed and the numbers are increasing yearly.

Some simple tips to help the birds are as follows:

* Put out feeders with good size capacity or multiple feeder. 
  * Place feeders at different levels for different types of birds.

* Provide seed such as Black Oil Sunflower Seed or Wild Bird Seed.

* Providing suet during the winter gives energy and fat that the birds need to survive.

* Keep your feeders full. If you leave on vacation have a friend or family member fill your bird feeders while you are gone.
* Be consistent and keep feeding through the winter. 

* Remember to keep water out for the birds. Using bird bath heaters helps keep water from freezing in your birdbaths.  

* Clean your feeders periodically during the winter to avoid grime.

* Place your feeders in a protected area.

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